Removable Bars

Seceuro Bar – Removable Window Bars

The award-winning SeceuroBar system features anti-cut steel bars which are securely locked into position to protect vulnerable window openings, but can be release from the inside to allow total vision or maintenance of the windows.

Suitable for installation in a horizontal or vertical format, SeceuroBar is finished to a high standard and delivers security which is quick and easy to install, yet effective in a range of locations.

A higher security fixed bar system is also available for locations where removal is not a requirement.


  • Min Width: 250mm x 200mm
  • Max Width: 3000mm x 2100mm
  • Max Area: 6.3sqm
  • Material: Steel/5kg/sqm
  • Operation: Manual Only


  • White
  • RAL/BS Powder Coat Option

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